Friday, November 20, 2009

A note on Star Trek [Spoiler Warning]

The following contains a sudo-spoiler. I'm going to keep as much of the info out of it as I can about the setup, and it isn't exactly a surprise.

There is an explosion at the end of the movie that comes from behind the Enterprise and then pushes the ship forward. I didn't take note of the sound as the explosion is enveloping their ship the last two times I watched it. Having seen it again, I noticed something that i hope was intentional. The sound rises in frequency as they are hit by more of the inner part of the blast then drops frequency as they emerge through the outer shell of the blast. I think that this is the vibration of the plasma against the hull going up as the got closer to the inner part of the blast. The speed of its rise is slower because they are going the same direction and have slowed how fast the higher frequency plasma can reach them. Then, as they reach the point where the blast is collapsing on itself, they swiftly pass through the now retreating plasma. Now, I use plasma cause that's the only way I could easily explain the giant ball of glowy 'splosion, but I think my theory is sound. I have to assume from the movie's faithfulness to the silence of space that this is the case and that they are just showing the kind of detail that makes a movie as immersive as this one has been.


  1. sudo-spoiler? Why would a spoiler need root access?

    Other than that, sounds pretty . . . sound. But . . . it's Star Trek, man. Just let the science go.

    Let it go.

  2. That's just it, we shouldn't have to expect to ignore the science in science fiction, and they have made a great show of not forcing us to with the new movie. I never had a point where something jumped out at me as junk science. for an example of ignoring all science. logic, script editing, plot development and coherence of any sort refer to, but do not watch, this movie.