Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Music: 9 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

You are reading what I'm writing as I listen to the soundtrack for the movie '9' for the first time.

I was a huge fan of the Black Isle PC games back in "the day". One thing that always made Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale stand out as franchises were their aesthetics. Icewind Dale's soundtrack still brings into my mind barbarians traveling through thick snow and lofty mountains. Having never seen the movie '9', I now want to. The sound track reminds me of the score for Icewind Dale. I love that at times it mellows out, but these brief respites are book-ended by harsh drum strikes and blurting horns over rhythmic strings. The sounds make me see tribal warriors around a fire. At times they are dancing, shaking spears, striking shields. Other times, they are filled with a deep calm and fear at the coming day, a day filled with battle.

The track "Twins" starts out playful but quickly turns sinister. It can only be described as a Danny Elfman "Peter and the Wolf".

The final track is meant to backdrop the ending credits. That song is a great way to end the score. I'm not saying this right, look at it like this. Imagine you just had a three course meal full of a variety of tastes and textures. At the end, you're treated to an Andes mint that lets you relax a little from the flow of flavor combinations. Ok, I could have just said "It's a fun song to walk out of a theater to", but that's not what your reading for.

In conclusion, it's a good soundtrack. Having never seen the movie I want to now. It seems like if the action and drama in the movie are paced the same as the tracks, then it would be fun to watch. The credits song by Coheed and Cambria make a much better ending track then the "theme song" to 'Avatar'.

I ask a question, what about a choir singing indistinguishable words makes fight scenes so much better?

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