Wednesday, December 2, 2009

RSS Feeds, Get Them

I have found a few webcomics, like this and this that I would like to read regularly. Since they do not have RSS feeds, I don't know if I will.

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  1. See, this is my problem with a lot of webcomics too. There are some very good webcomics that I frankly don't care about anymore, because it's too much of a pain to manually check them for updates.

    Before I started using RSS I had a massive list of webcomics and blogs that I checked manually about twice a day; now I just use Google Reader, and if something doesn't have a feed, it needs to be REALLY good for me to even consider reading it regularly. If it does have a read, and one or two posts even mildly interest me, I'll subscribe to the feed for at least a few days. The quality threshold for maintaining my interest is pretty low if I can use RSS, but if I'm going to have to work at it -- the answer is usually no.